Enital warts warts are the most common viral sti diagnosed in the uk, with highest rates of new cases in 20-24 year old men and 16-19 year old women. Warts are found on or around the penis, anus or vagina. Low risk hpv types 6 and 11 cause the majority of genital warts. buy viagra The number of genital warts diagnosed in the uk population has continuously risen since records began in 1971. viagra pills canada  the hpa routinely collects data on stis from genitourinary medicine (gum) clinics (sti annual data tables). sales online viagra Health protection report. much time viagra works Trends in genital warts and herpes diagnoses in the united kingdom prevention cervical screening can detect pre-cancerous lesions and cervical cancers at early asymptomatic stages, when they can be successfully treated. Nhs cervical screening programme website [external link] two hpv vaccines have been developed that can protect against hpv type 16 and 18 infection; one vaccine also protects against hpv types 6 and 11. viagra usa Both vaccines are prophylactic, meaning they should be given prior to hpv infection. Uk hpv immunisation programme in the uk, all 12-13 year old girls (school year 8) are offered hpv vaccination through the national hpv immunisation programme. Girls aged up to 18 years are eligible for immunisation as part of the catch-up campaign. viagra online From september 2008 until august 2012 the programme used the bivalent hpv vaccine (cervarixtm, glaxosmithkline) that protects girls against infection with hpv 16 and 18 (associated with over 70% of cervical cancers in the uk). From september 2012, 12-13 year old girls are offered the quadrivalent vaccine (gardasil, sanofi pasteur msd) which protects against types 16 and 18 and also against types 6 and 11 (associated with the majority of genital warts). legal order viagra online australia Annual uptake data are provided by the department of health. legal order viagra online australia Nhs immunisation information - public:  nhs choices [external link] professionals:  department of health [external link] department of health green book - hpv chapter (18a) [external link] annual hpv vaccine uptake in england: 2010/2011 [external link] hpv vaccine given in pregnancy although there is no known risk associated with giving hpv vaccines during pregnancy or whilst breast-feeding the hpv vaccine is not advised in pregnancy as a precaution. The hpa is following women who are inadve. viagra online 25mg fast shipping viagra